X’Tract Bodywork Lymphatic System Cleansing

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Give your body an Oil Change!

Request X’Tract Bodywork Sessions to clean your Lymphatic System.

The body’s lymphatic system is the garbage disposal and a holding tank for toxins and fat. If not released out of the body, the body’s entire system can become lax and sluggish, which may result in sickness and disease. Some of the potential issues can be: edema, weight gain, allergies, lack of energy and many other issues resulting from a blocked system.

We will Use X’Tract Bodywork technique and the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils to help your body re-balance, de-stress, clean out, release pain and more! Empower yourself by learning more about this unique cleansing process. Experience how it results in a healthier system and capability to function properly.

Some of the amazing results X’Tract Bodywork clients experienced are more energy, reduction in cellulite, better circulation, improved digestion and immune system. Achieve your peak performance and improve your quality of life. 


Course Instructor – Joanne Schmalenberger

Joanne is a Master Reboundologist and Educator – Level 3. She has been working with and developing Rebounding protocols and programming since the mid 1990’s.
Rebounding Certification