What We Do

Cleanse. Re-Balance. Sustain
Revive Your Health Through Education & Detoxification.

AWAKEN HEALTH CENTERS: Wheatgrass juicing:

nurses standing outside a hospital smilingLearn how wheatgrass — high in chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes — helps in detoxification, digestion, and blood flow to restore health. 

Discover how to eliminate toxins with wheatgrass, rejuvelac, juice fasting, raw organic food, Digestion, colon cleansing, exercise, and massage.  

AWAKEN Health Centers: Would Love To Create VEGAN PIZZA & REJUVELAC

AWAKEN Health Centers: Plant-Base Super Food

Create a healthier, happier life for yourself and your family. Learn to be your own health advocate. Stop struggling with your weight once and for all. Stay up to date on nutrition education and recipes. Get educated on disease prevention and reversal of chronic diseases, cancers, autoimmune disorders, IBS, diabetes, and more. Learn the secrets to the fountain of youth and how to reverse aging. The goal of A value Plant-based LivingFood Institute is to fix that… And “Make America Healthy Again


Helps develop a lifestyle that maintains overall health, well-being and the effect of such things as sleep, environment, fitness, rebalance and nutrition on one’s wellness + sustain.


Helps create a better world through body, mind & spiritual practice to awaken inner passions, spark creativity and deepen intuition.

  • Awaken your body and mind’s innate healing power
  • Develop healthier and more fulfilling relationships
  • Learn to work constructively with your own emotions
  • Stimulate your minds innate problem solving capabilities
  • Develop new resources and capabilities
  • Become clear about your life’s purpose.

Our Registered Dietitian

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