Getting Through the Holidays with Delicious and Healthy Food

Happy couple have a romantic date in a fine dining restaurant

The holidays are just around the corner and we all know what that means parties, family gatherings, social occasions, and lots of food. The food is delicious and it seems like it will never end, but did you know it can cause devastation to your digestion and to your weight? This may be obvious by the time the holidays are over and our bellies are bigger than before, and it can have very adverse effects to our health. Thankfully, there are ways to maintain your health with a healthy diet during the holidays.

Eating raw food may seem like a drastic lifestyle change and it is. It is not easy to switch over to Living Food, but this change can make a huge improvement to your health. However, with the holidays around the corner, it is possible to maintain your diet. It might seem difficult, but you can really survive through the holidays.

In order to make it feel like you are not missing out on the delicious food your friends and family are preparing, a great method is to experiment with your favorite cooked food recipes and try to convert them into raw versions. This way you can enjoy your favorites with a living food twist and you will not feel like you are missing out on anything. You can even invite your friends and family to try the food you are preparing, they might just love it.

One of the biggest problems with the holidays is that we judge the tastes of our friends and family. We assume that they may not like something we prepared, and thus, we cater our dishes to something that we know they would like. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your friends and family actually love your living food recipes! So make the food you love and let your loved ones try it out, after all it is the holidays. They do not really care what is on the table as long as it is delicious and there are plenty of foods to go around.

However, if you are going to someone else’s house then you may have a more challenging time maintaining your living food diet. You will want to look for raw food first and if you will go to a buffet or a restaurant, there are fresh fruits and raw veggies that you can get. You will want to begin eating the fruit first, and then wait thirty minutes before you get more food. This allows your body to digest the fruit you have eaten. If you do not wait and eat more food, this can cause the fruit to ferment which can cause bloating, gas, indigestion, and heartburn. Once you had your fill of fruits, you can move on to raw vegetables. This is great as they can help you digest your meals better.

It might seem like it is impossible to survive the holidays when you are on a living food diet, but it is possible. Just prepare your own food or keep an eye out for food that fits your diet.