General Self-Healing Outline

  2. Reduce your excess inflammation wherever it resides.
  3. Repair your leaky gut so your digestion can work more effectively to detoxify your body and mind, and deeply nourish all your cells.
  4. 2 to 3 good BM’s every day eliminates the buildup toxins and waste, increasing energy, vitality and an uplifted mood.
  5. Reduce any chronic excess stress. We cannot heal ourselves when excess stress exists. Support the adrenals for improving vitality.
  6. Address your liver so it’s not stagnant and overtaxed.
  7. Drink plenty of filtered tap water, filtered through a REAL filter, not a pitcher or little contraption.
  8. Remember: The key is balance.

Now, the details:

  • 1.Eat Real Food.

Eat a diet including LOTS and LOTS of vegetables, as this causes the body to become alkaline in all the right places. Focus especially on the veggies that repair the leaky gut and clear waste from the organs, systems and cells. This way, you’ll have fewer cravings for all the bad stuff that contributes to illness, stress, agitation, chronic pain and disease.

Choose organic foods and don’t peel the outer skin off most veggies, including carrots, cucumbers, beets, etc. The skins contain important insoluble fiber, which acts as a whist broom in the intestines, cleaning waste from the villi and microvilli. Organics may look like they cost more, but in the long run, eating wholesome foods that satisfy us is significantly cheaper than processed and non-organic foods, and lots better for your health.

Begin with a plan. Make 3 small changes from the array of things we spoke about. Choose simple options that you resonate most with, adjust to those, and then take on 3 more. Proceed in this way, until you adopt some healing options from all the parts of the plan. If something doesn’t seem right for you, it may not be. Either that or your gut buggers are at play and attempting to lead you down an unhealthy path.

The key is balance. Extremes are sometimes necessary in a crisis to help us swing back toward balance, but longer term extreme strategies are often fraught with side effects and unintended consequences. Strive for a gentle, balanced approach to your health and integrating your optimal wellness plan into your daily life.

The beauty of holistic self-healing is that other health concerns you’ve been dealing with often seem to vanish in the process. Sometimes things we’ve experienced since childhood become less severe or reverse altogether.

We want to eat locally and with the seasons as much as we can, like our ancestors did. Shop first at farmer’s markets and your local farmstands. Locally grown food really is our best value in food purchases, often cheaper, and your food will be much more nutrient dense than items harvested unripe and shipped to supermarkets, often for thousands of miles.

Choose lots of root vegetables, such as beets, sunchokes, radishes, sweet potatoes, yams, alliums, carrots, turnips and more. Explore roots that are new to you and have them twice in one week to really get a sense of them.

Powerful gut repair tools: sunchokes, burdock, okra, dandelion root, chicory root and cabbage. Eat some daily whenever you can.

Dark leafy greens should be eaten 2-3 times daily whenever we can do it. They help cleanse the liver and blood, and provide lots of essential minerals. Best cooked a bit with a tight fitting lid. Dark leafy greens are delicious in eggs, stir-fries and tempeh dishes!

Fermented veggies, when properly produced, are excellent healing foods. They’re loaded with millions of micronutrients. (Really; millions!!) Check out these excellent brands: Real Pickles, Deep Root and Bubbies. You’ll find them in the refrigeration section. The ones found on grocery shelves have been pasteurized and are not the same powerfully healing foods. They’re fine in a pinch, AND they’re not what we want for your self-healing process.

Eat sea vegetables! Have some kelp, dulse, and other sea vegetables daily. The shakers are very user friendly and inexpensive. Daily use in small portions is helpful for endocrine support, healthy weight, strong, supple bones and overall excellent health.

Sprouts have amazing health benefits. Cruciferous vegetable sprouts are powerfully detoxifying for endocrine health and protect cells from a variety of diseases and discomforts. Try lentil, aduki bean, radish, broccoli, red clover, and more. They NEED TO BE FRESH AND VIBRANT! Don’t eat sprouts if they’re old, slimy, browning or dried out.

Include organic spices and herbs in your cooking. Try garlic, oregano, thyme, rosemary, ginger, turmeric, cumin, and dozens of other cooking herbs and spices help to fight the ‘bad guys’ in our gut and whole body.

Eat fruit in moderation. Omit most fruit for the first few weeks. Exceptions: lemons, limes, avocados, and occasional tangy green apples. A little bit of locally grown fruit provides powerful antioxidants, but too much fruit just becomes way too much sugar that feeds candida (yeast) in a compromised system. Try very small amounts, (think 6-12 blueberries or one local peach), and only alone, in between meals, until overall wellness is restored.

We want to reduce excess inflammation, the chronic kind that leads to disease and discomfort, and keep only the healthy kind, the necessary inflammation in a blood loss emergency, to achieve optimal health.

Avoid: sugar, flour, fruit (except lemons, limes, avocados and rarely, green apples), fruit juice, nightshades (including white and red potatoes, tomatoes, green bell peppers, eggplant, tobacco and goji berries), white mushrooms, and white vinegar.
Avoid GMO’s. These foods can contribute to the chronically inflamed state.
Avoid burnt food. It contains carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and contributes to an overly inflamed state.

Omega Fatty Acids – Good fats reduce excess inflammation and they’re important building blocks for all the cells in your brain, nerves and heart!
For getting plenty of omega 3’s, try the vegetarian options as part of your regular daily diet.

Hemp seeds are an amazing nutritional superfood! They’re delicious, the flavor being somewhere between a pine nut and sunflower seed. Hemp seeds are a wonderful daily source of complete protein, lots of good fats, plenty of zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and many other essential nutrients! Remember, your desired results depend on choosing a quality product. Nutiva is the very best option for both our own health and the health of the planet.
Chia seeds also supply good omega 3 fats, protein and fiber. ALWAYS soak for at least 10 minutes first!
Organic butter, ghee, happy free-running eggs, and wild caught fish are healthful options for good fats. Local eggs from happy chickens who actually touch the real dirt ground are a delicious source of omega 3’s and create no bad cholesterol nor unhealthy triglycerides.
Pumpkin seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds all contain some omega 3’s and lots of other good fats, too, and are all amazing for our cells. The key to success is to find very fresh, organic nuts and seeds and keep them in jars in the fridge most of the time. Eat daily!! Tierra Farms has the best and freshest nuts I’ve ever found. They have a relationship with and take care of all their growers, too. Remember, non-organic nuts and seeds are often irradiated.
Good cooking fats include organic ghee, butter, coconut oil and red palm oil. Look for Nutiva; it;s the best quality.
Don’t heat vegetable oils, nor olive or grapeseed oil !!! They immediately turn to bad fats for our body systems, causing even more excess inflammation, and can contribute to various disease states. Vegetable and olive oils should ONLY be eaten cold and unheated.
Use nettles in tea, tincture or in cooking to help with energy, vitality and lowering disease causing excess inflammation.

For excess inflammation throughout the body, look for clean, pure Turmeric. Best brands include Gaia and New Chapter. Check out New Chapter’s website’s explanation of their incredible, high potency herbal extraction process called supercritical extraction. Zyflamend is the number 1 herbal product for dealing with excess inflammation. It contains the top 10 best, safest and most researched herbs for dealing with the excess inflammation pathways throughout the body.

The ONLY fish oil supplements that I am completely comfortable using at this point are the New Chapter WholeMega products. They are purest, most powerful and the best environmental option I know of. Made with fresh, wild caught northern Alaskan salmon. And no gas or fishy after taste!

Excess inflammation is also responsible for the pre-diabetes state. Try incorporating into your daily food consumption: cinnamon (Ceylon is best), fennel, fenugreek, sunchokes, holy basil, and any of the gut health and high fiber foods and products listed in the following chapters.

  • 3. Repair your leaky gut to prevent disease and discomforts.

> Practice eating more veggies, (you’re getting that, right?), especially sunchokes and other roots. Consume lots of added fiber too, and drink plenty of fresh, delicious water every day. This helps to alkalize your system and begins the process of discouraging potentially harmful microorganisms that can cause disease and discomfort. Consider purchasing a good water filter (see below). It makes a huge difference, and they can last a lifetime!

> Foods and herbs to repair the leaky gut and other damaged mucosal tissues include:
– Properly fermented whole foods,
– sunchokes,
– burdock,
– okra,
– dandelion and chicory roots,
– sea veggies,
– herbal teas like Throat Coat, Throat Comfort, Herbatussen, Tulsi w Licorice, and more.

> Choose and consume plenty of properly fermented whole foods.
Easily digested, loaded with billions of ‘good guys’ and millions of micronutrients! Best eaten daily!
> To powerfully launch your gut healing, try eating a small serving of properly fermented whole foods 15-30 minutes before each meal and snack.
You may decide to choose to use dairy from happy cows. (Otherwise skip the first line.)
Choose to consume daily:

⅛ – ¼ cup of yogurt or kefir, unsweetened,
1 tsp – 1 TBSP or more of miso in a cup of warm water, or
2 tsp – 2 TBSP of sauerkraut, pickled beets, pickled lime, kim chee, etc.

> Organic, plain whole-milk yogurt and kefir (unsweetened) are loaded with vital nutrients that are ready to be utilized by our cells. It boosts our immune health and soothes a damaged digestive tract. Even people who have a dairy sensitivity will likely tolerate a properly fermented plain, whole-milk yogurt or kefir, when eaten (or drunk) in small servings. And your gut will love you in no time for consuming these healing foods. If you feel some sensitivity from a small serving, please reach out to me and let’s discuss this further so you’re set up to win. Let’s plan to create a fermentation workshop in NYC when you can attend.
> Please note: Eating sweetened ‘real’ yogurt (I’m not talking about the sugary junk food stuff in grocery stores loaded with fruit, sugar and food chemicals) is a very healthy dessert, but it is NOT a medicinal food. Don’t be fooled into thinking sweetened yogurt is a medicinal food.
> Unsweetened, organic, whole-milk yogurt is shown by reliable research to be one of the most powerful medicinal foods on the planet to help restore digestive, immune and overall health and well-being.
> As I mentioned before, enjoy 1-2 TBSP or up to ¼ cup, about 15 – 30 minutes prior to meals and snacks to help repair leaky gut and restore the ability to absorb and utilize nutrients, and to jumpstart the self-healing process. Kefir is another excellent option.
> Homemade, organic, fully fermented yogurt helps heal the gut. It’s a lot of fun to make, less expensive, very simple and the MOST DELICIOUS and highest yogurt available!
> In the Northeast area, these are my favorite organic store-bought yogurt brands, in order of their health benefits. What you want to look for is an organic whole milk yogurt that is fermented as long as possible. Call the companies in your area, or ask at your local farmstand, how long they ferment for,
1. Maple Hill Creamery fermented for up to 10 hours
2. Seven Stars is fermented for 7 to 7 ½ hours
3. Hawthorne Valley is fermented for 6 to 6 ½ hours
4. Butterworks is fermented for 6 to 6 ½ hours
5. Stonyfield is fermented for 4 to 4 ¼ hours
> Try adding any of the following to flavor your medicinal yogurt, singly or in combination, without sweetening it w/ sugars or fructose:
Try cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, fennel, nutmeg, thyme, oregano, vanilla or almond extract, diced cucumbers, dried kelp, spices, herbs, savory foods. They’re tasty in your unsweetened, whole milk, organic yogurt and keep it as a medicinal yogurt. Yum!
> ORGANIC WHOLE MILK YOGURT contains literally thousands of nutrients to nourish and support each of these body systems: brain, nerve, skeletal, immune, cardio, endocrine and digestive systems. It supports a healthy microbiome and discourages candida, parasites bad bacteria and viruses.
> Older and stinkier cheeses, most feta and farmers cheese, are usually healthier for us than other cheeses. Goat and sheep cheeses are also powerfully healthy options.
> When consuming unfermented dairy, Organic Valley is best. Their cows are valued and honored ‘family members’.

Other gut support.
> Every day, and with every meal or snack, choose to include one of the following:
– – – grate fresh ORGANIC ginger, use just the juice or include pulp, too,
– – – use organic ginger capsules, or
– – – a good bitters formula like from Urban Moonshine, Natureworks Swedish Bitters or Herb Pharm Digestive Bitters. The best tasting is the Urban Moonshine Maple flavored.
Try them in tea, water, under the tongue, or added to foods. Use just before, during or just after meals and snacks to increase your digestive abilities.
> Organic Ginger is also excellent for cardio, and for cold hands and feet.

> Healthy soy is properly fermented soy. ONLY BUY ORGANIC! Look for miso (South River Miso is the very best!), Natto, Tamari, Shoyu, Tempeh.
Unhealthy soy, a mild endocrine disrupter, includes: soy milk, tofu, soy protein, TVP, and virtually every other form of soy, including most veggie burgers and found as fillers in most junk food and fast food, even the organic versions! I say mild because, when compared to the endocrine disruption from the xeno-estrogens from plastics and many chemical compounds, soy is mild. AND it can be significant when consumed on a daily basis. Miso in the evening supports deep, restful sleep.

The new, discouraging issues with probiotics, and what you can do:
> Most probiotics are now genetically altered so they don’t work for us longterm. Those big companies aren’t going to make big money from us if they work quickly and we get better, right? So they’ve made them so we need to take them every day to get the benefits. I suggest we don’t waste our money on these products.
> Due to USDA labeling regs, there are barely any really good probiotics left on the US market. Most no longer colonize properly in the digestive tract, and so only work for a half day or a day. The only ones I’d even consider using are the probiotics from these brands: Natren, Bio-K Plus or Udo’s Choice (Flora).
> Instead, try a small serving of a properly fermented WHOLE foods (organic whole milk yogurt or kefir, sauerkraut, kim chee, pickled beets, miso, etc), as stated above, about 15-30 minutes BEFORE your 3 meals each day. Even if it’s only 5 minutes before, it is still helpful, so get into the habit whenever you can and you’ll find your gut begins feeling better right away. And switch it up. Yogurt before breakfast, sauerkraut before lunch, and miso before dinner, for instance.

  • 4. Fiber and gut health.

Ideally, we need 2 to 3 good, comfortable, well formed BM’s every day, for our body and mind to thrive. Energy and vitality are significantly improved when we have 2-3 good, well-formed BM’s daily for at least a couple weeks in a row.

Most of us need lots MORE fiber to do so. Fiber is beneficial, even if your bowels are currently looser than optimal. This helps eliminate the accumulation of toxins and metabolic waste that can lead to inflammation, imbalances, exhaustion, lethargy, mood imbalances, pain and chronic disease.

Have at least 2 of the following fiber options in your cupboards, and use at least one or two servings daily between meals when possible, to support gut integrity and release toxins and metabolic waste. You’ll likely notice more energy, vitality, clarity, and a sense of calm.
Check out:
– Gaia’s: Daily Cleanse Fiber,
– Chia seeds, soak 2 TBSP or more in 1-2 cups of water for at least 10 minutes, and drink it between meals. Alternately, use (after soaking) on salads, rice, veggies, in yogurt, smoothies, etc. The only time we should use chia without soaking is during a diarrhea condition.
To make chia pudding: Mix 3 Tbsp chia in a minimum of 1 C water. Add cinnamon, cardamom, or other tasty flavors; soak for 10 minutes or longer. Be sure to drink plenty of fresh water when using chia pudding as one of your fiber sources.
– Hemp protein powder (remember, Nutiva is best) is a great fiber option and provides us with easily digested protein. They also offer GREAT, TASTY HEMP SHAKE powders that are very low in sugar.
– Planetary Triphala or Organic India Triphala, are both in capsules, and great for travel or to have on hand. (Triphala is the only fiber in capsules that meets my standards, because it really works for most folks in smaller amounts.)
– Whole burdock root is a healthy option for what people call a ‘stool softener’. You can either eat it in soups, stews, stirfries, roasted veggies, etc. or take it in organic capsules. (Tea helps liver AND you must have the fibrous parts for optimal results for healthy elimination.
– Licorice root in capsules, tincture or tea is also a supportive option.
– Renew Life ‘s: Fiber Smart Powder, Triple Fiber Powder, or Organic Bowel Cleanse, all in powder form.
Don’t be fooled by capsules of these products; it takes 12-16 capsules to equal a scoop, and the powders actually taste pretty good! Use the way the label states, or you could try adding one of them to yogurt or smoothies.
– Organic flaxseed, just like hemp and chia, is loaded with fiber along with healthy Omega 3 fats. It must be purchased in organic, whole seed form, and then ground in a coffee or seed mill, or a mortar and pestle, and eaten within 15 minutes from grinding to get the full benefits of those good fats.
– Combine whole grains with legumes (beans) and veggies for much of your diet to give your digestion a break from meat. Choose true WHOLE grains, as in brown rice, buckwheat, millet, whole oat groats, wild rice, quinoa, etc.
– Reduce or omit all flour for the first several weeks, as much as you realistically can.
– Use Ezekiel bread and other flourless baked products. Being flourless, instead they’re made with sprouted seeds and grains. This reduces carbs and gluten, and significantly increases protein and other beneficial nutrients.

Get a small bathroom stool. When you have BM’s, put your feet up on it and relax. You’ll evacuate more completely, increasing energy, vitality, deep sleep, and overall health and well-being. Work toward 2-3 good BM’s daily, and you’ll find you have more energy and vitality!

  • 5. Reduce excess stress that wreaks havoc on our adrenals.

Reduce excess stress so your body can recover and your mind can have a break. The body and mind cannot repair when in a deeply stressed state. Some stress is normal and our bodies handle it easily. Too much is unworkable.

Relax your body and mind using breath, yoga, chi gong, meditation, herbs, flower essences, tai chi, chanting, aromatherapy, music, rock climbing, loving a pet, reading, thinking good thoughts, community service, and any other desired methods. Start small, if necessary. Daily relaxation and quieting the mind is an essential component for achieving and maintaining balanced health and wellness.

Holy basil tincture (tulsi, and the product line from Organic India called Tulsi tea) are excellent daily options for stress, anxiousness, attention and focus, reducing excess inflammation, adrenal and cardio health, and much more. Excellent for all body/mind organs and systems. Other great herbs to reduce the stress of stressful situations include eleuthero, ashwagandha, lemon balm, wild milky oats, lavender, passionflower, sage, chamomile and licorice root.

A very easily utilized magnesium, like that found in hempseeds, Flora Health’s liquid magnesiumMegafood’s Magnesium capsules helps reduce excess stress and supports nerves, muscles, and throbbing aches.

Try a high quality essential oil (like Oshadhi brand, the very best) of Lavender, Clary sage, Ylang ylang, or Tulsi to calm yourself into a joyful presence. You can get plug in diffusers for in your bedroom, car or office.

If you enjoy coffee (and chocolate), please choose organic, shade-grown coffee like Equal Exchange, and organic dark chocolate like Green and Black’s and Equal Exchange. These cause less stress and exhaustion.
Most vitamins have little utilization. The best, most assimilable vitamin/mineral supplements I’ve found in more than 30 years of research are:
New Chapter
Epresat Liquid
Bio-Strath, also a liquid, and the oldest formula of them all!

  • 6. Address your liver health.

Address your liver health with herbs, spices, foods, laughter, and focus on your breath. Feeling agitated, moody, angry, itchy, rashy, overly sensitive, dull, crazed, or brain foggy are all signs of an overwhelmed, over-worked, toxic, stressed out liver. Essentially, nearly every physical and mental imbalance is associated with an overwhelmed liver, so love your liver, beginning now.

Include burdock, dandelion root, ginger, nettles and turmeric as an herbal tea, tincture or add any of them to your food. Red clover tincture is a powerful blood cleanser, but don’t use red clover tea, bulk herbs or capsules; it’s not effective in those forms. I make a great tincture including most of these herbs (and others) called Blood Purity. Let me know if you’d like to get this at any point.

Turmeric is considered the most powerful herb for helping remove toxins from the liver, and delivering them from the body. It is also a powerful herb for dealing with excess inflammation. Use organic turmeric or curry powder when preparing many of your favorite meals, especially eggs!

Green tea cleans the blood. It must be organically grown AND have the caffeine contained in order to have medicinal benefits. Non-organic has been shown to be slightly pro-oxidant, and caffeine-free is shown to have no anti-inflammatory or antioxidant activity! Look for organic brands like Traditional Medicinals, Rishi, Yogi, Choice, Numi and others.

Eat dark leafy greens like kale, collards, watercress, dandelions, arugula, etc (this does NOT include lettuce) for liver health. Include artichokes, asparagus, lemon, lime, sunchokes, etc frequently in the diet for liver support, too. Eating them as often as you can, preferably with each meal, can speed healing.

  • 7. Drink plenty of real spring water (not from a plastic bottle) or properly filtered tap water every day.

Drink fresh, clean, delicious water every day. Water is crucial for optimal health and wellness. We should ideally drink 1/2 our weight in ounces daily. So a 160 lb person would drink 80 oz of water, or (10) 8 oz. glasses, daily. It is important that we have clean, fresh, delicious water available or we won’t choose to drink enough for optimal health. Try measuring out your water needs before you go to bed or when you get up, and then pay attention to whether you’re consuming enough on your own. And if you’re not, just measure it out each day until you’re in the habit of drinking enough.

Water is helpful for physical detoxification and releasing any toxic thoughts, too. Bottled water is expensive, exposed to plastic, often for years, and is not always as clean as your tap water.

Consider a water filter if you are concerned about your tap water quality, old pipes in your home or community, or potentially cancer-causing plastics. The best water filters I’ve found (and I’ve researched over 100 companies and filter types) are made by Multipure right here in the United States.

Multipure water filters are point-of-use style filters, meaning they are under the sink or on the counter and thoroughly filter only the water you plan to use for drinking, cooking, pets, plants, etc. Multipure water filters are mostly a technology called the solid carbon block systems, and are renowned for their product quality. Your water cost is only 7 – 8 cents per gallon, depending on the model you choose. Compare this cost with $1.00 – $5.00 or more per gallon for bottled water. You and your loved ones deserve fresh, delicious water found easily at the tap!

Multipure water filters are simply the best for eliminating potential contaminants found in your water from the environment and the dangerous heavy metals from the pipes in your home and municipality, while leaving all the life providing goodness in your fresh, delicious water.

Clean water is good for your body and our planet. Multipure has been in business for over 40 years, and has a five star rating for product quality and customer service. Please let me know if you would like to order a filter, or if I may direct you to more information about water filters or your municipality’s water facts.
Multipure water filters are a great deal, and are backed by a 90 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. I have sold them for over 30 years, and have never had a return requested, nor heard of a problem with one that could not be easily remedied. They install in minutes, usually without the need of a plumber.
They now also make the mini, perfect for travel or students’ dorm rooms. All models of Multipure water filtration systems make great gifts!

If you order on your own, please provide my Multipure account ID # 406163.

You will be happy you made this investment for your family’s health and vitality!

  • 8. The key is balance.

Eliminate toxins from your living space. And as soon as you possibly can, begin to shift chemicals and toxins out of your living environment.

Get rid of toxic cookware. Use healthy pots and pans.

Switch your body care products to natural and organic options. There are very few options on the market that meet my standards, and they significantly support improved health and well being. Try Dr. Bronners hemp oil liquid soap.