Enzymes in the Food We Eat


One of the most amazing things that are inside our body are enzymes. These are powerful biological catalysts that affect brain and body functions. In fact, it is essential to maintain good health, especially during digestion. There are billions of enzymes that are working to keep the body in shape. Those who have lack of it are prone to developing health issues such as the common colds, stomach bugs and even the complicated ones such as leukemia and immunosuppression.

One of the leaders in health research, the Rockefeller Institute has devoted so much time in correlating how enzymes work to solve digestive issues and allergies. In fact, it was found out that enzymes can easily liquefy any pus and sticky mucus that are plugging the bronchial tubes in the lungs which cause asthma. On the other hand, there is a certain type of enzyme known as elastin whose main responsibility is to maintain the elasticity of the arteries. This paved the way to understand how to keep hardened arteries elastic for those with Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, enzymes are able to hasten the processing of iron. It facilitates oxygen-rich blood to perfuse easily in the different tissues and cells in the body.

In terms of digestion, those people who frequently consume denatured food often fall victim to having brittle bones because of these food that lack enzymes. The situation is further complicated because lack of enzymes means calcium can’t be easily processed. Also, your intake of protein will not be utilized by the body and it won’t be converted to amino acids when there is lack of enzymes.

It should be noted food containing rich amount of enzymes keeps the body and brain healthy. Whenever you are deprived of enzyme rich food, you will experience decreased alertness and your brain seems to lag a lot. Food with no enzymes can take away the energy from the brain during sleep. This makes many people experience sleep disturbance because of the deficiency in the amount of enzyme. When you experience firsthand and what it’s like to have ill health, you’d surely shift your attention to consuming Living Food so as to benefit from the good nutrition it carries.

It has already been established that enzymes help in the proper utilization of vitamins in the body. In fact, vitamins also are touted to serve as co-enzymes which can support and produce a different kind of reaction that will aid in digestion and other bodily function. For example, vitamin A helps keep the respiratory system, integumentary system, and various glands to function at its prime. Such vitamin is commonly found when you consume organic food such as green and leafy veggies and potatoes. Additionally, vitamin B complex has one too many functions such as in keeping the eye health to be at its peak, resolving nervous disorder, and relieving swelling in the body. When these vitamins are partnered with enzymes, it gives energy to the brain.

An in-depth look at vitamin B6, when it is paired up with B3 and other enzymes, it helps break down protein into a readily absorbable molecule such as amino acid. These vitamins can be taken when you consume grains, seeds, and sprouts. Be sensitive in preparing ingredients containing these vitamins as its effectiveness can be decreased by about 85% when cooked. Living food is the way to go! It is one that will spark life by supplying your body with the correct amount of enzyme, vitamins, and other minerals. Thus, when you start consuming living food, you will begin to experience proper functioning.

It is not surprising that people who constantly eat cooked food have weight issues. The reason being is that cooked food destroy all the enzymes. This can somehow be corrected through the consumption of living food. Enzymes present in living food allow you to be in the perfect physical and mental state. It is in this aspect that it is often deemed to be the life-giving energy which is essential for survival. At the end of the day, turn back to nature and consume food that are prepared through sprouting, fermenting, juicing, and blending over those that are prepared through cooking. You’ll just be surprised at the wonders it’ll do to your body.