Are You Sure About What You Eat?

Kitchen woman making healthy food standing happy smiling in kitchen preparing salad

The question about the kind of food you are eating would linger in your mind once you embrace the reality that genetically modified food and hybridization is becoming all too common in this day and age. Not only that, food has also been enhanced, colored, preserved, canned, frozen, sprayed — basically, any alteration that’s possible has now been done to it. The idea of eating raw and plain food has been put on the back burner. This results to prevalence of too much processing technique in food preparation and thus alters the chemical composition and health benefits that food carries. From the moment your food is harvested, until it is prepared, handled, and packed will beg the question if you are still sure of health benefits of what you are ingesting.

It should be a practice to only consume food that are of high quality because after all, you are what you eat. Because of the fast-paced life, a lot have engaged into haphazard eating of food, wherein these people have become contented of just picking anything placed in a box or wrapped or prepared in a drive through just for the sake of getting something to eat without even thinking about the quality of the food they are getting. These snap of the finger food have become a catch all solution for people who are too busy in their life.

If you look closely at what you take in, most studies will tell you that you get something that is genetically engineered. This means animals and plants have become altered to its very genetic composition just to make it look pleasing to the eyesight. But are looks just enough? Does it make the ingredient any better in promoting good health? The other crux of the matter is the haphazard use of insecticides in fruits and vegetables which knowingly or unknowingly you also patronize. This means that over time, the chemicals sprayed on food will accumulate in your body and could affect you in any given future.

It might be the high time to think about how many organic, raw, and unaltered food you have consumed. It is imperative to ask yourself about when was the last time you were able to consume something healthy which could bring positive benefits for your health. If you can’t anymore remember the last time you have eaten natural and unprocessed food, it would not be surprising that you frequently complain of indigestion and other health issues.

Did you know that raw and organic food is the best fuel for the body? This has been the practice since time immemorial — until the discovery of fire. It was during those prehistoric times where early humans would consume food which is raw and they get to live beyond hundred years. There were no cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, cancer, and lifestyle-related diseases back then. The reason these diseases have become common in today’s modern society is because of the changes in the way food are being prepared.

The next time that you eat in school cafeteria or workplace pantry, take a closer look at the hotdogs, burgers, pizza or fries that you’re ordering. These food have little or no enzyme at all and it’s not surprising why these denatured and processed food can cause health issues. It might be necessary to reframe the way you think about healthy eats. Consider life food which contains enzymes and vitamins that could promote good health.

Remember that there are so many delicious food that can be prepared and readily available in its raw and natural state. It is not daunting to look for this kind of food, and there is no reason why you have to sacrifice your health for denatured and highly processed ones when there are a lot of better alternatives that are in abundance. Going back to the original law of nature of eating raw and healthy food is the way to go. It helps the body become detoxified and strengthened so that it can function at its best until its cellular level. Through healthy and natural food, the body will be detoxified from harmful chemicals so that it can cleanse out the toxins and reinvigorate the body. It is not too late to turn your health around and be responsible of what you consume.