Are We Killing Our Kids?

a mother reading her kids a book outdoor

Are we subjecting our children to a life of early death, sickness, and disease? Why are more children taking drugs? Why is there more violence in school and home? Do parents care? Don’t parents want their children to have brighter futures? Have these questions ever run through your mind as a parent?

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency (ACE: Health – Childhood Cancer) claims that children who are born today have a one in 600 chances of getting cancer before the age of ten. However, the number of children developing cancer has increased 10.8% between the years of 1973 and 1990. Cancer is now the number one killer of children under fifteen years old. These are scary statistics and they are getting worse every passing year. Are we the cause for the increasing number of children with cancer? Is it the food that we are feeding to our children that is causing this? Children are eating more food and drinking more water relative to their actual size compared to adults. Each time our children eat non-organic food or drink non-organic fluids, they are being exposed to many different pollutants, contaminants, and pesticides. By the time the average child reaches the age of one, their combined cancer risk from the pesticides in the food they eat actually exceeds the lifetime level the EPA has deemed to be an acceptable risk for cancer. We must stop this in order to save the lives of our children.

There are literally over fifty million metric tons of toxic and dangerous chemicals that are being dumped into the environment every year. All of the fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides that we are using on our fruits and vegetables are slowly making us sick and eventually killing us. All of these food colorings, synthetic food, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals that we are putting into our food are actually doing us more harm than good! And these are the things that we are providing to our children!

We use thousands of different chemicals in the packaging we use in preserving and processing our food, and they are anything but natural. These chemicals can also cause a number of health conditions including hypersensitivity, asthma, allergies, and hyperactivity. They are also known to cause behavioral problems in our children, which we “solve” by providing our kids drugs to take. Wouldn’t this just make the problem worse? We provide our children food filled with chemicals and then we give them even more chemicals to combat the chemicals they are eating. This will only make them sicker in the long run. The only way we can make sure that our children can live healthier and better lives is by replacing all of the chemicals we are feeding our kids with organic food.

It is time to make a change not only for our own lives but also in the lives of our children. Our bodies have become contaminated with toxins from all of the chemicals we are constantly feeding to ourselves. But with simple lifestyle changes and with better and healthier diets, we can free ourselves of the toxins that are holding us down for better lives. It is time to give our children the brighter future that they deserve.